Education, Reproductive Child Health, Water and Sanitation, Ravine stabilization, Water Recharging, Road Safety and Drivers Training,Advancement of Agriculture, Community Mobilization, SHGs, Micro-credit and Vocational Training for Youths. DGVS primarilyfocuses on Children Education, Women Empowerment and Socio economic upliftment of the Poor’s in the community Health and environment. We have now started intervening in the Panchayats, as all the developmental plans are now being initiated and implemented by the Gram Panchayats

Cross-cutting strategies to improve the health and nutrition status of the poorest and marginalised communities has remained a crucial area of work this year. The spotlight has continued to be on quality healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation services to reduce maternal and child mortality. Improvement of maternal and child health,elimination of diseases, family planning and up-gradation of health determinants have been prioritized. Through our work, we have seen an enhancement in the participation of rural communities, especially among the women of Self Help Groups, in public health management through the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committees.DGVS is known for its transparency. I think it’s safe to say that the way our programs function, and the way we work as an organization has a lot of clarity and transparency. Nothing is hidden. It’s all out there, in the public domain — for everyone to see,” says Mr. Pradeep K. Misra, Secretary, DGVS. DGVS has always worked to accurately account for and report the financial position of the Society, to promote sound financial management, and to provide quality services to the donors. The centralized finance function is performed from the Head Office and serves the needs of all the offices across the States. It ensures that all transactions adhere to the Society’s policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by the statutory bodies. DGVS values a culture of accountability and integrity committed to doing the right thing.


We are committed to actively work for the sustainable development of the less Privileged and marginalized sections of the community through appropriate strategies in primary education, community organization, income generation, health, hygiene, rural micro-credit and empowerment activities. We believe in espousing and supporting all such causes that help the marginalized and deprived people