Training and Capacity Building

Our training and capacity building services are designed to improve a company’s internal capabilities through the application of industrial symbiosis in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, develop new business opportunities and improve overall environmental performance.
Our experts are able to draw on their experiences of working across a variety of industry sectors and their combined knowledge in all aspects of resource management and industrial symbiosis to ensure all courses are tailored to an organisations’ individual requirementss.

Courses range between refining practical skills such as effective collection of resource/material data in order to increase resource efficiency and productivity, to high level mentoring on applying industrial symbiosis methodology and tools.

Building Skills for Resource Efficiency: This training course provides a framework to help companies to manage their resources more productively, and to reduce costs, through a systematic approach to data collection. A full-day’s training can be delivered either at the client’s site or at International Synergies’ headquarters in Birmingham, UK.

Information Seminar on Industrial Symbiosis This seminar can be customised to a client’s individual industrial requirements, addressing the organisation’s environmental and sustainability targets and policies. The seminar covers industrial ecology and the circular economy and industrial symbiosis and its strategic relevance to your business.

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